• Ben Curtis

My Introduction to Golf by Ben Curtis

In the early 1970’s my grandfather, Dwight “Bill” Black, purchased a 110-acre farm in the village of Ostrander, Ohio just 45 minutes northwest of Columbus. Grandpa Bill was a high school teacher and state champion baseball coach at Hamilton Township before purchasing the property. He designed and built the course he named Mill Creek Golf Club in which the first nine holes opened in 1974 and the completion of all 18 in 1977, the year I was born. My father has been the only grounds superintendent (still is today) and my mother has worked as cashier to bookkeeper to manager, basically whatever work needed to make the course successful. Now my parents and 2 of my mother’s sisters own the golf course.

The house I grew up in was 50 yards from practice putting green, 18th green and 100 yards from the self-pick driving range. So, in other words, my backyard was a golfer’s paradise. I have been hooked on the game ever since I can recall. I’ve been known to have jumped out of bed in the middle of the night with my parents finding me on the practice putting green, broke my dog’s leg while swinging club in the dark and for hitting flop shot over the house. I started playing competitive tournaments at the age of 5, travelling around the country throughout my junior and amateur years, earning a scholarship to Kent State University before turning pro in 2000.Like many of you, family was the reason I began playing this fascinating game. What was your introduction to Golf?

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